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Why this site ?

During my student years money was tight. I tried to find ways to get quality gay porn for a fair price. Many gay porn sites are overcharging their members, but luckily there are less familiar sites that only charge you one dollar. Others charge $1.00 for a trial membership, which gives you one to three days of access. I am no longer in school but I still want to spread the word and share the sites I've found. I hope you enjoy these cheap gayporn sites.

Czech Hunter's $1.00 trial membership explained

What's Czech Hunter about?

Czech Hunter is a popular porn site and is dedicated to straight amateur boys having gay sex. These 18-25 year old guys from the Czech Republic are in desperate need of some cash. The guys behind Czech Hunter promise to help these poor boys out and make them a very nice offer.

The boys shows their cocks in exchange for cash. Easy money... but things won't stop there. They can make a lot more cash IF they agree to have gay sex. It often takes some persuasion, but almost every straigh boy has a price. Eventually, they agree to suck cock and give up their virgin holes in order to make a quick buck.

Czech Hunter currently hosts 517 scenes and updates twice a week with new videos. Most of the scenes are hardcore duos, but sometimes they find two straight friends and convince both of them to engage in a gay threesome. Watching straight buddies getting naked and sucking each other's uncut cocks is such a turn on!

If young Czech boys who take raw, uncut cocks for money sounds good, thhen you're gonna enjoy what this site has to offer. There is more though! Czech Hunter is part of the Bigstr Network and full members get free access to the other two network sites; Dirty Scout and Debt Dandy. In total, there are 1020 exclusive videos inside the network's members area.

The MP4 videos are available can be streamed or downloaded and they come at a big size of 1920x1080. The average scene duration is 50-60 minutes.

Czech Hunter has been around for years and creates some of the best gay for pay content. As part of the Bigstr Network, the site now comes with free access to two bonus sites with a similar theme.

What about this $1 trial?

Czech Hunter sells 2-day trial memberships at one dollar per day. A trial allows you to check what the site has to offer, but such a membership comes with limitations. Trial members don't have access to downloads and you can't access the entire archive. Please check the site's "Terms & Conditions" to learn about possible restrictions.

Unless canceled, your trial will automatically be upgraded to a monthly membership (rebilled at $29.99 /month). In case you're not interested in a full membership, just make sure to cancel your trial within 2 days.

Most sites have pre-checked offers listed on their join page. Make sure to uncheck those when you're not interested in any additional memberships!

How do I cancel a Czech Hunter trial?

You can cancel your trial membership at any time (by phone, by chat or by filling out an online form). Please visit Czech Hunter's cancelation page for more information.


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